While not technically custom content, this was not included in NA and so it will be included here. Nekojima is a remote island somewhere in the Moyer Ocean that has villagers loyal to their god. The island is full of cats and also is connected to the small island of Nezumijima, otherwise known as rat island. The island features a shrine and several beaches.


General Shop - Bastet

Grocery Store - Dagon

Blacksmith Shop - Mentum

Village Chief and Healer - Tahthis

Albey Amber Information Broker and Reward Shop - Kohaku


See Albey Amber for more information.


Standard Monsters

Field Bosses


Nekojima Dungeon - Currently unavailable


Fishing (Available on the Island's beaches)

Potatoes (Field near Bastet and Dagon)

Silvervine Fruit (Field near Bastet and Dagon)