This page information on custom server content not provided on other pages.

Dungeon Reward Revamps

Rewards from end chests have been revamped for the following dungeons:

Field Boss Treasure Chests

Treasure Chests containing many unique different items now drop from the following field bosses, all contributors have a chance of having a chest drop:

Beauty Shop

The beauty shop can be accessed via NPC Minty in Tir Chonaill town square and can modify these character traits:

Pon Drops

Pons drop from all monsters in the game world. The amount that drop depends on the cp strength of the monster compared to you. Pons are shared between all characters on your account. Pons can be traded in at various NPCs.

NPC Coco

Coco is located in Dunbarton town square. She sells various items, pet cards, and character cards for pons.

NPC Ropa

Ropa is located in Dunbarton town square. He sells various outfits for pons.

NPC Suspicious Pass Seller

The Suspicious Pass Seller is located behind Tir Chonaill's Bank. He sells various dungeon passes for pons.