A serious looking man stands before you. He has dark hair accompanied by thick facial hair. He is wearing a traditional outfit and has a Wakizashi sheathed to his side. He watches you silently as you approach with a determined gaze.

Akihiro is the blacksmith of Chisai Village. He smiths swords from his homeland exclusively, though he stocks up on bolts and arrows for archers as well.

Repairing Items

Akihiro can do blacksmith repairs at a 97% rate.
While he only crafts swords, he can repair any weapon or armor.

Favorite Items

NPC Intimacy

Akihiro prefers things with utility and manliness. Wild Ginseng makes for a great present.


Part-time Jobs

Akihiro will give you various jobs that involve slaying monsters inside the Chisai Mines. Take care as higher PTJ levels can require monsters far more powerful than a new player could handle on their own. Try getting help from a friend!

Akihiro's Equipment

Japanese Traditional Clothing (M)
Japanese Sandals